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New Patient Visit - 2 Hours
Consists of an initial consult with Dr. Melendrez to discuss your health concerns. Some in-house testing will be done at this visit to assess your health status and is included in the initial cost of $180.00.
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 Report of Findings Visit - 1 Hour  
At this visit you will receive a written Report of Findings based on your initial assessment and an individualized program will be recommended to you. There is no fee if you decline to do the program.
First Program Visit - 1 Hour  / Follow-up Program Visits 
The first program visit is done in conjunction with the Report of Findings visit. Your initial findings will be verified and your individualized program implemented. Cost $80.00. / Follow-up Program Visits are 30 minutes . Cost $80.00.
 Dr. Maureen Melendrez provides naturopathic      
 programs that are  specifically targeted to your     
 health needs. Her specialties include: Clinical  
 Nutrition; Botanical Medicine (herbs); Nutrition  
 Response Testing; Emotional Balancing; Complex 
 Homeopathy for drainage, detoxification, and  
 rejuvenation; Allergy Elimination ; Diet and  
 Lifestyle Modification; Natural Hormone 
 Balancing; Saliva Hormone Testing; Hair Mineral  Analysis.