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The best time to catch health problems is before they become chronic and degenerative. Conventional medicine is not well equipped to assess health problems in this "gray" zone.

Dr. Maureen Melendrez utilizes a comprehensive system of tests designed to provide information about stresses and imbalances, on mental / emotional / biochemical / physical / and energetic levels. This system is an amalgamation of years of research by homeopathic, naturopathic, acupuncture and medical doctors-both in Europe and in the United States. These tests are non-invasive and preventative in nature.

She uses this information to design targeted, individualized nutrition and lifestyle programs. 

Maureen Melendrez, ND received her naturopathic doctor degree in 1986 from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington; one of the four recognized naturopathic schools in the U.S. Her education includes three years of pre-medical course work and four years of naturopathic medical training: training well grounded in the basic and clinical sciences while emphasizing the naturopathic philosophy. She has 20+ years of experience helping people reach their health goals.

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